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Reservoir + meter valve displays incorrect value

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In attempting to remove excess liquid from a reservoir, I am unable to achieve the correct value in the reservoir.  There is 58kg of liquid I wish to remove to get an exact quantity of 2500kg in a reservoir, which will be utilized as the high threshold in automation.  Regardless of whether the output pipe is primed or not (in which case there is 68kg to remove), I am always left with the incorrect amount shown in the reservoir.  It seems the reservoir is bugged, as it will not replace the last <10kg packet taken by the meter valve.  As seen here, there is a 2kg packet in the reservoir's output pipe as it displays 2508kg volume and persists upon save/load.  This histeresis breaks any finely tuned automation for volumes that are not evenly divisible by 10.



Steps to Reproduce

Fill a reservoir with an indiscriminate volume that is not divisible by 10.

Attach a meter valve to the reservoir's output pipe.

Using the meter valve, remove a volume that leaves some amount divisible by 10.

The reservoir's displayed volume does not reflect the correct, desired volume, and the output pipe will contain a packet <10kg.

User Feedback

Possibly, packets are only deducted from the source (output port) and only resupplied when reduced to 0 volume.  In my scenario, flow must stop to obtain a <10kg packet in the flow line.  Since there are no steps to repro in his post, I can't say what caused the small packet.  It does not look like flow stops since his reservoir is sufficiently full to maintain flow.

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