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Request to optimize the poorly written codes.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

This has been around for years.

Everytime you click on a door, mess table, cot, bed, massage table, triangle cot .... the game will freeze for a while, long or short depend on how many duplicants you have.

Also on starmap screen, everytime you select a rocket, or an asteroid the game also freeze for a while, depend on have many rockets you have.

I know that you need to look up into the duplicant list, or rocket list, and then "populate" it into a popup window.

I know software development is hard, but this thing is not that hard, please fix it if you can ...

Attached save file : 100 duplicant, >40 rockets, everything took like a second to show up.

Quarantine Zone.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Have enough duplicants or rockets

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