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Radiation Eater does not eat radiation

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RadiationMonitor.RadiationRecovery() triggers RadiationRecovery event every second, as a value providing duplicant's RadiationRecovery Attribute, not actual amount of recovered radiation. As a result, Radiation Eater gets constant stream of information about RadiationRecovery even if the duplicant never absorbed any rads, producing calories every second out of thin air.

That brings up two more issues with that trait:

Information about how the trait works is very obscure, and a player has no way of telling what it actually does. It takes somebody willing to mod this feature, test it and debug to see what really happens. I'd love to see some status item on a duplicant, break down in calories tooltip or at least information in daily reports to see how many calories are really produced.

And that's another issue: currently, Radiation Eater trait allows duplicants to consume 150 rads as 50 kCals per cycle, satisfying around 5% of daily kCals required for a duplicant on a normal difficulty. 5% is in my opinion too little, taking into account how rare this trait is. I didn't do math, but I'm pretty sure some Green Thumb will overall produce more calories with it's ability. That isn't really exciting...

Steps to Reproduce

Ugh, that one is tricky - as I said the trait does poor job of reporting what does it do...

I suggest adding some debug messages in the code or start with fixing another issue and report daily calories created somehow, to make the trait more observable.

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