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Radbolts colliding with airflow tiles create nuclear fallout

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When a radbolt hits a solid tile, under normal circumstances, the radbolt is destroyed, leaving no waste product except the contaminant trail as it traveled (if through an atmosphere)


When a radbolt hits an airflow tile, however, it acts like it hit a dupe or another radbolt, and causes a burst of nuclear fallout to be emitted, unexpectedly.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Start a world in sandbox.

2. Set up radbolt generator with radiation source.

3. Fire radbolt at regular tile wall with some drywall around it.

4. Replace wall with airflow tile and fire radbolt again.

The radbolt is destroyed as expected on the wall. The radbolt causes nuclear fallout to be created when hitting the airflow tile. See the attached gif for an example.

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