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Power disconnected after load

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I did build a interplanetary launcher on the most left tile of the map andf connected it with conductive wire, everything works fine until i load a save game. After loading the save game the power is always disconnected but the wire is connected (see screenshot 10). If i take a conductive wire and i redraw the conductive wire from right to left it will fix the problem, if i redraw the wire from left to right it will disconnect even if it's already connected and working.


Screenshot 10 is after loading



Screenshot 11 is after redrawing the power line from right to left.



Screenshot 12 is after redrawing the power line from left to right.


Steps to Reproduce

Build a  interplanetary launcher above the neutronium line on the most left tile of the map, connected it with power and reload the game. Or redraw the power line from left to right to recreate the problem.




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