Power cables "not connected to power grid"

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Power cables show "not connected to a power grid" in the energy tab, although they are connected.

Doesn't matter what kind of power cable.

For batteries, transformators, generators and even heavy power connection plates/tiles the energy tab works as excepted.

In ONI Vanilla this tab for power cables work.

(Sorry for possible not exact english wording, I am playing with German language.)



Steps to Reproduce

Start new Spaced out game.

Build a generator or battery with some connected power wires.

Select any connected build power cable.

Switch to energy tab of the cable.

Watch it saying: "Not connected to a power grid".


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User Feedback


I have the same problem, tab says not connected to a power grid, but network clearly is, Also, Hovering the cable does show max consumption and actual consumption.


Edit : I have the issue on the Beta branch

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