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  1. After rebuilding my steam rocket into a petroleum rocket, I launched it and saved the game. After loading the game today, half of my rocket is displayed there still, but the real rocket is on mission!! Mouseover is saying vacuum as you can see in the screenshot, os it's a graphical glitch. But possibly also a gameplay issue, because I had my dupes filling and emptying excess oxylite (to the second module in the screenshot) in a permanent loop until removing the access ramp.
  2. What do you think about including this into the base game? Lots of fun or too complex to handle?
  3. It happened twice to me now that a catched fish is instantly dropped after collection from trap, and the relocating job is canceled. The trap is gone with its 200 plastic and the fish is back in it's waters. I am on the current version LU-364722 but nd never used fish traps before. I was able to solve this by digging a corridor so the dupes didn't have to go out of the suit in my base and then into another suit to reach the release from the trap.
  4. Since I started playing ONI (hundreds of ingame hours ago *g*) I wondered about why there are only normal boiling (and melting) points implemented, since the game tries to simulate a lot of real physics to a certain degree. I know there are more things missing, like that having hydrogen floating next to oxygen is never dangerous! Or a hydrogen generator doesn't need oxygen and doesn't produce water. But this one feels like fundamental thermodynamic rules are is broken. In reality, as everyone knows, boiling points of liquids and melting points of solids ALWAYS depend on pressure (although for solids it doesn't make such great difference like with gases). Or the other way around: The pressure of a liquid increases if it's temperature increases. Example: In the game water always boils to steam at 99.35 °C. In reality water boils at 100 °C with 1013 mbar (1 hPa) atmospheric pressure, at 110 °C with 1433 mbar and at 90 °C with 701 mbar. Regarding all my dupe's popped eardrums, this should really make a difference in the game. Ok we only have grams per tile as "pressure" but it's the same idea. I can imagine several reasons why this wasn't implemented realistically: - It's too complex/easy/hard for the player - it's too expensive for the game engine - it was simplified/skipped or is too hard to implement because of limited development resources - it's coming in a later patch or DLC Because there are a lot of great mods from great modders today, I asked myself if it's possible to mod something like this into the game and thus make it even more interesting (and challenging), and if someone would have the time and motivation to realise a realistic pressure mod. What do you guys think? Cheers!
  5. I can confirm that bug in sandbox mode. Dup(e)licate bug: As for as I observed, they only get stuck if they chose to travel to another position, while idling or searching for a safe position (to breath e.g.). If they have a task there or I give them a move command, travelling works fine.