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Polluted oxygen space!

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uh oh



Steps to Reproduce

No clue, I have never had an issue like this before. Hopefully the save helps.


User Feedback

this is caused by a bug that doesnt properly initialize the space exposure on newly constructed rocket interiors.

will fix itself on game load.


@Devs: to fix this, go to the method "WorldContainer.PlaceInteriorTemplate()" and change the call

SimMessages.ModifyCellWorldZone(num2, 7);
World.Instance.zoneRenderData.worldZoneTypes[num2] = SubWorld.ZoneType.Space;


SimMessages.ModifyCellWorldZone(num2, 255);
World.Instance.zoneRenderData.worldZoneTypes[num2] = SubWorld.ZoneType.Space;

as 255 is the sim zone type that enables space exposure


(I assume the "7" from the decompiled code here is an inlined



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