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Periodic game freezes

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OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
CPU: Core i5 11400
GPU: Nvidia RTX 4060
RAM: G.Skill RIPJAWS V 8Gb x4 Intel XMP: 3200MHz (16-18-18-38)
The game is installed on a SATA SSD
The game was working fine, but began to freeze, and the longer I play it (continuous session up to 7 hours), the more often and longer this freeze begins to occur, which is very much interferes and annoys. I started a new game and at first everything is fine, but when the colony grows, the freeze starts to appear. I tried even installing some fix mods, lag is still there, and if I start smelting ores by Metal Refinery first batch of 99 smelted normally, but the next 99 with a terrible freeze for a couple of seconds about every second, play so impossible, so I'm still playing with the sandbox mode. There is also a decrease in FPS when moving the camera on the colony, and sometimes freezes the game, as if when loading models. When opening overlays, especially if you open the wiring overlay, the game's performance also decreas I according to the instructions on your site removed completely all the mods and unsubscribed from them and in a completely clean game all these freezes are present. Right now I have a clean game, all mods I've removed and unsubscribed. One log file after starting the game and loading a save, and the other log file after playing the game for a long time.

DxDiag.txt Тест.sav

Steps to Reproduce

I just start the game, load a save and gradually this freeze starts to appear after about 30 minutes of play, and sometimes it happens right after loading a save.

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User Feedback

I have similar problem. On Linux. Game randomly freezes. Usually the music still plays (one time the freeze was silent), mouse cursor moves, but game is stopped and UI is not responding. I have disabled all mods, it did not help. Player.log shows nothing interesting.

I have made stack dump via gdb, maybe it helps (though, it doesn't seem like it tells much either).

Player.log stack_dump.txt

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I had time lapse enabled. I have just disabled it and will see if anything changes.

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English is not my primary language, I don't really understand what TimeLapse is. Is it a colony record? I immediately turn it off for each colony and set autosave after 5 cycles, because already at 300+ cycles the save is very long.

The game freezes and the music plays without lags, one of the community modders told me that maybe there is some memory leak in the game and an old function of the unity engine is trying to clear memory but can't and it keeps repeating and repeating and that's why this freeze happens all the time. Valheim and Sabnautica work fine on my computer. I have MSI Afterburner installed to monitor the temperature, maybe its overlay somehow affects, but the freezes do not appear immediately, but only when the colony will become larger. Maybe I'm making a very large power grid for the game calculations. Because when I open the wiring overlay strongly drops FPS from 60 to 20-30, on the late game the same happens with the decor overlay. Unlike other unity games, only ONI behaves somehow unstable.


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Also noticed a problem that the game after some time begins to use too much RAM, consumption reaches 15GB (with system processes), begins to increase in size swap file and stop working all applications giving an error about lack of memory, although I have 32GB. Maybe I have a problem with the OS. But this behavior of memory I noticed only when playing ONI, with other games I did not notice such behavior.

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