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  1. Hydrocarbon Rocket Engines. Give it a whirl. Let me know if it addresses your issue.
  2. I've created some mods relating to rockets. None are posted yet, but if you're interested I can give you the one that fixes the fuel and liquid oxidizer tank consumption issues. It creates a new way to handle unuseable liquids and gasses. Instead of the defaults: Destroy, Dump, or Store (The results of which are to dump the piped element into the environment and if applicable damage the the building consuming it, or to simple consume/store the element which in the case of rockets means you cant use that storage space permanently unless you rebuild the rocket storage module in question.) it just passes the element without damage to the rocket storage module or taking in an improper element. I've applied the workaround to CO2 Engines, Steam Engines, Small Petroleum Engines, Large Liquid Fuel Tanks, and Liquid Oxidizer Tanks.
  3. From what I am seeing in this code, that is untrue. Specifically, there is a class that can handle consuming from a pipe into a storage named ConduitConsumer. The CO2 Engine and Steam Engine use this to filter the gas consumed. It is set to 'dump' incorrect gas. Try yourself by piping oxygen into a CO2 engine. Note the oxygen escaping the port. The Large Fuel Tanks have one but its set to store incorrect elements. IE it consumes all liquids anyways. I can only assume this is because the Large Fuel Tanks must support both petroleum and liquid hydrogen where the ConduitConsumer can only filter a single element. The Small Petroleum Engine doesn't have one as to why I cant say. I have been able to block incorrect liquids from filling the tanks but incorrect liquid is simply dumped not even passing through. Its not really a solution as blocking the pipe would be much more preferred. I have only figured this out preliminary while making a mod for these exact issues. I mean when a fuel tank accepts anything even elements like water I'd say there is room for improvement. Either the ConduiitConsumer class needs more options or perhaps the FuelTank class itself. I'll see what I can do.
  4. You make an interesting point. The information panels do seem to have much influence on rates. Opening the consumables panel is quite painful (especially when you accidently hit the hot key as often as I do). I always minimize the Diag option on the middle right panel. The one that report breathability and such. I'm not sure how much that matters though. When I open the full resources panel things get laggy for sure though. I'll give a try to eliminating as many report GUI options as I can and see what turns up.
  5. We'd have to find out if it's a tick rate issue or render issue. My guess is something in the simulation is what is causing the rate drops even with little to render on screen. Of course, this is less than useful information. Just thoughts on the subject. Profiling a working disassembly of the code is all I can think would help at this point.
  6. I have a SO cluster that is approx 10,000 cycles old. All asteroids have been visited. Most are colonized. I have a 6700k (pretty old these days) and 16GB. I wont say its running perfect but its .... well mostly tolerable. I do have those moments where FPS sinks. Question, have you let it sit there and run for lets say 30mins. Just doing nothing? It almost seems like asteroids you haven't visited in awhile are either going to sleep or arent fully active before your first visit after loading or? For instance, when I first opened up the Moo asteroid my FPS tanked and stuttered for awhile. Now, that its been mined out mostly and the Moos pathing is easier? the game has resumed the better fps of 20s. There does seem to be like a warm up period where the game (or possibly Windows) is perhaps optimizing? Being that maps like mine take around 9GB it possibly makes sense there is some memory optimization that would occur. How this could translate into these wild fps swings we experience I'd say probably it wouldn't.
  7. I'm with you almost entirely. Just some little things that add up to a lot of frustration at times. I'm attempting to make some TLC mods for spaced out. I'm calling the first the Rocket Umbilical. I'm going to attempt to remove the spacefarer ports, the solar and battery electrical ports, and possibly the refuel ports from fuel/oxidizer tanks. (I know many people use rockets inside the base interior so this will not be their cup of tea.) Then using a building similar to the material loader/unloader buildings put all the connections to that building. This would clean up the remaining supply lines we have to weave up into the rocket pathways. I like what they did with the loader/unloaders over the vanilla rocketry setup. Just going to try to extend that for a true single rocket to base connection (I mean real rocketry uses umbilical setups so why not?) I'm also keen on changing the fuel system so the Petroleum Engines will be "Hydrocarbon Engines" that burn crude oil, ethanol, petroleum, and finally methane. (but don't accept anything else... ya know, like water... as they do now ) Relatively, these fuels would increase the range with methane being the best and crude oil the worst. Gives more rocketry options Burns most fuels Allows players to jump right into those engines without much prep Allows for more range before the mighty hydrogen engine is unlocked (aiming for around 28 tiles from two 900kg tanks of methane) The best fuel (methane) is readily attainable before super coolant, fully renewable, and adds similar challenges from late game into the mid game What do you think? Any modders out there interested in a collaberation?
  8. Destroying and rebuilding the automation wire seemed to fix the issue during my play of your save. The left rocket seemed to retain its manual control even after the third left and returned. <Opinion> Rockets need a significant TLC update. There seems to be several issues (mostly minor non game breaking) with the current Spaced-Out Rocket system. -Often, locked out buildings inside will get perma locked without manual intervention (example: during the next flight they remain locked). -*As you're experiencing, launch automation is 'sticky' sometimes (example: even rockets launched to other asteroids retain their automation requirements making return launches impossible without automation construction intervention). -rarely, dups will refuse to path into a valid spacefarer module (example: they wait standing over the center door tiles even while suffocating) -*liquid fuel modules accept liquids they cannot use and cannot be drained of. In most cases (other than *ed entries), these issues resolve with save and reload, but with large saves this can cost a player 5-10 full minutes (or more I'm sure for some) of down time. My apologies for attempting to highjack your thread Earl. This is a topic that's been ringing in my mind for awhile now. It's become a constant issue in late game as the rocket system seems... less than polished. </Opinion>
  9. The constant panning happens in Spaced Out too though without the mouse flicker. It even does it in the space view. I just keep changing back and forth between space view and sim/normal view while spamming movement keys until it stops. I'm not sure what could be done in vanilla though.
  10. I just realized there is a designated Spaced Out Bug Tracker. Mod would you mind relocating this there?
  11. The Spaced-Out regolith asteroid seems to function identical to vanilla where I've built bunker tiles in upper most tile-space (first line below the no build zone), and regolith tiles naturally only stack two tiles above that into the no build zone. In my game, there is a repeatable apparently indefinite game lockup bug when duplicants path 1+ tile(s) above the build line. I have made the game lockup 4 times at different in-game times by simply allowing the duplicants on the regolith asteroid to walk on the bunker doors built on the edge of space and path on any regolith tiles on the bunker doors. I made this save just before the bunker doors open with duplicants waiting to work on the recently fallen regolith sitting in the no build zone. It locks every time a duplicant steps on a regolith tile and visually their head isnt fully rendered. Spaced Out Game Save (will take awhile to load 7000+ cycle save)