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Oil well can not be depresurized if there is no water for future operation.

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As per description. I run out of water and my oil wells stopped. But after like 20 cycles I get back to this asteroid seeing the only duplicant there constantly working on oil well trying to depressurized it. However, the animation was indication that the Oil Well is trying to work (it was an animation of working not being depressurized). But the Natural Gas was not released so it was just a time and errand lost. I found it just after releasing Spaced Out and now I am back in the game and the issue is still there.


Steps to Reproduce

Build oil well.
Supply it with water until some natural gas pressure build up in Oil Well
Stop supplying water and let the residual water be used.
Lower the threshold to trigger duplicant errand.
Watch duplicant working on Oil Well without any progress.

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