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No pips in starting forest biome in Verdante big asteroid cluster

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

- Seed used: V-FRST-C-698788413-0 , Verdante Big Asteroid cluster

There are no pips at least in the 2 first asteroids, even if the starting biome is Forest. Please check pip spawning in this forest starting biome.

Steps to Reproduce


Use build U37-484114-SD  

 choose big Verdante Asteroid, seed V-FRST-C-698788413-0.

I enabled debug mode to look at the starting asteroid, and inner asteroid, and found no pips.


i000_debug Cycle 2.sav

Abyss Citadel.png

Abyss Citadel.sav

User Feedback

they made that pips are now  get from pod even if they not discovered, it should not be issue anymore with next public release

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