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No difference between Smog and Plug Slug for Critter Drop Off

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When I create a Stable room, I try to set the number of Smog Slug and Plug Slug I want to see in this room.

I use two Critter Drop Off. One to set the number of  Smog Slug  and an other to set the number of Plug Slug.

But the game count all Slug for rach Critter Drop Off



Steps to Reproduce

Build two Critter Drop Off in one room. 
Set the filter on each one in a different variant of the species

User Feedback

It's "Plug Slug" and "Smog Slug". They are listed in alphabetical order. Smog slug should be below slicksters (not shown in your screenshot)


Edit: yeah.. what the comment below says. Sorry for reading what it was about wrong..
Drop-off can't count critters separately in the same stable

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Drop-Offs counts all critters inside. It doesnt care about they species. You cant control number of exact species in mixed ranch, better divide it into different rooms or organise population control with eggs

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