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Neutronium at top of map

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I had a seed where neutronium spawned at the very top of a map.1383424528_topofmap.thumb.png.bc655b703dd432d4fd6635e86a2d5f68.png

I run no mods, but have Using debug tools enabled, therefore I already knew that some maps are stacked above one another while they are mostly left and right, and I figured it wasn't that strange to have some neutronium lap over.

I then used debug tools to view all surrounding planetoids and it looks like that:here.thumb.png.c9d51223e4c38af4677e10f16626f270.png

I speculate on it being an artifact of the crashed satelite being so far up the map(???)

Was able to reproduce it when I made a new colony with the same seed SNDST-C-1197511350-0

Steps to Reproduce

regular game:

  • Load a game with seed: SNDST-C-1197511350-0
  • Go into orbid around the planetoid just 3 tiles to the bottom right
  • view its surface and voila.

In debug:

  • load a new colony with seed:SNDST-C-1197511350-0
  • hit backspace
  • hit CTRL+F
  • look to the right
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