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  1. The tooltip for the Science Attribute reads: "Determines how quickly a Duplicant conducts Research and gains Skill Points." However, upon testing it. I only found that Science increases the speed at which Attribute Points are gained, while Skill Points are gained at the exactly same rate.
  2. Steam always updated automatically on startup so I didn't think it was a problem, but... it freaking worked. reinstalling steam did the trick!
  3. desktop updated, now 21H1. didn't work I was so hopeful...
  4. desktop is: Edition: Windows 10 Pro; Version: 20H2 laptop is: Edition: Windows 10 Home; Version: 1903 ... I'll update both
  5. ok... it also crashed on my laptop. So it's my networks fault? here's also the DxDiag.txt of my desktop PC DxDiag.txt
  6. going on a tangent here, but: I installed Portal Reloaded on May 13th, and I know for certain I played some ONI after I started Portal and before I finished it on May 15th. I'm not certain that I played ONI after I finished Portal since I was rather busy. no, but I also haven't really had the opportunity to play any games really. They were either non-steam games or in case of Cities Skylines modded so it won't have to load in the steam workshop on startup. Only one steam game that was RPG maker built, so not the most complicated code and no interferance with Steam, I guess no, this is the only account on the computer all I could think of, where the exe is located, C:\Users\User\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Klei\Oxygen Not Included nope, when I click about Steam I get the following, even though I know it updates every other time I start it Steam client application Built: Oct 23 2020, at 13:30:57 Steam API: v020 Steam package versions: local https://store.steampowered.com/ I haven't installed any other stuff in that time. maybe a windows update changed the firewall settings? But I already tried disabling the windows firewall. The steam appid.txt unfortunately didn't help. I'll try going down your other 3 recommendations, I have a fairly good laptop that should be able to run it in general
  7. I'm running Kaspersky Free. So, I tried starting Steam as Administrator and: run the game from Steam, same issue deactivate Kaspersky and run from Steam, again same issue then I went to the game files and tried to start the exe as administrator and it tells me "Fatal Error: Another instance is already running", then closes the game and repeat no.3 without Kaspersky, again, tells me that another instance is already running and closes out I repeated 1 to 4 with Windows Firewall deactivated as well (felt really exposed while doing so), but again to no avail again in the player.log I find [11:38:26.708] [1] [INFO] Creating SteamManager. [11:38:26.746] [1] [ERROR] Steam not initialized in time. I haven't tried for public testing, or spaced out or both, because I think it'd just do the same attached playerlog is from with windows firewall, without kaspersky, steam in admin, and exe start as admin to show other instance already running. if I hazard a guess I'd say it tries to start steam but sees it as already running and hence this new error message. Player.log
  8. The game always crashes after the klei logo, barely flashing a frame of a bug report that I never managed to screenshot before it goes away. This happens with any game version available to me: Base Game (live) Base Game (public testing branch) Spaced Out (live) Spaced Out (public testing branch) I tried: restarting Steam restarting the PC deleting all mods run the exe run the exe with steam closed (it will start steam) run the exe as administrator with steam closed (also restarts steam) uninstalling the game and deleting all local files then reinstalling steam in offline mode steam with cloud disabled I think it's steam related because any player.log I have shows a line like: [20:53:20.049] [1] [WARNING] Can't init Steam distribution platform... I'll attach my first player log with all mods and spaced out enabled (the 12kb player.log), and the latest one after having everything fresh (the 4kb player.log)
  9. I had a seed where neutronium spawned at the very top of a map. I run no mods, but have Using debug tools enabled, therefore I already knew that some maps are stacked above one another while they are mostly left and right, and I figured it wasn't that strange to have some neutronium lap over. I then used debug tools to view all surrounding planetoids and it looks like that: I speculate on it being an artifact of the crashed satelite being so far up the map(???) Was able to reproduce it when I made a new colony with the same seed SNDST-C-1197511350-0