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Mutant seed variety revealed on harvest

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This one took me a while to screenshot because the text disappears so fast even when the game is paused, but I have been noticing it a lot when mutating seeds. Whenever you harvest a plant and get a seed, the info on the variety of seed is displayed in double. When it is a mutant seed, it tells you what type already even if you have never discovered it before, in addition to telling you its also an original seed (?)... In the screenshot below, you can see that the seed will be (Wildish) and it is the very first mutant Mealwood seed I got in that run. It also has the tag (Original) for some reason. When Banhi goes to analyze that seed, it will be Wildish.



This has been happening every time I harvest a mutant seed, it always displays what type it is no matter if it is a new mutant seed or one that I have got before. When I harvest an original seed, I get double (Original)(Original) tag.

Steps to Reproduce

Harvest mutant seed and pay attention, because the text disappears quite quickly, even on pause!

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