mod suddenly uninstalled after game restart for enabling mod

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

all installed mod suddenly uninstalled after restarting game for enabling mods

1st restart


image.thumb.png.7c788aa2250b5e04ad900435a4f85ca4.pngafter 2nd restart

asking for restart game for change mods statusimage.thumb.png.037f48fc7b88d593553130bece87d72b.png

after restart the bug is occured on first picture and after restart is go to second picture but when i change the mods status again it revert back to first picture

and this will repeatly happen when i enabling the disabled mod


can someone help me to solve this problem is annoying?


Steps to Reproduce

disable some mode 8+ mods

restart game apps

click at mods button

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