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Materials Study Terminal at 99.6 Radbolts automates "Not Full", but also will not accept radbolts

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If you send radbolts to a Materials Study Terminal such that it stores 99.6 Radbolts, it will not automate "Full" but also will not accept more Radbolts.  Automation to fill the Material Study Terminal will fail and waste Radbolts.

Possible resolutions:
1. Change the Terminal automation so it will send the correct signal when more radbolts will not be accepted - Either adjust threshold or adjust storage

2. Change the Radbolt Storage to allow sending over 100 radbolts at a time, to allow the travel loss to still send 100 Radbolts

3. Add an adjustment to the Terminal to control when it will send a response, such as a slider that allows "Green when above X Radbolts"


Steps to Reproduce

Reproduction (See Also picture):
1. Place a Radbolt Storage 5 spaces below the terminal, to fire at the terminal. 
2. Place a Joint plate between the storage and the terminal. 
3. Fill the Storage with more than 200 radbolts and send 100 at a time.


ONI Radbolt Terminal Issue.png

User Feedback

Could you please attach your save file? When I created an identical setup the first Radbolt filled it to 99.6 and the second Radbolt filled it up to 100 and emitted the remainder  as a Radbolt. Storage full automation output looked correct too.

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