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Map generation melting half of my base

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Some of the abyssalite was deleted to make room for one of the generated structures. That resulted in letting the magma spread it's head upward into my base. When I initially teleported one of my dupes to the planetoid, the area was very cold, and they could walk to the teleporter output. 

Screenshot 2020-11-24 120834.png

Screenshot 2020-11-24 120843.png

Steps to Reproduce

I'm not sure how to reproduce map generation.

User Feedback

1 hour ago, Sith515 said:

You don't even need random buildings for that to happen really 

I noticed that too when I revealed some maps

The abyssalite generation is already a bit wonky on the large standard maps. But you only have hotspots in maybe 2-3 locations. And complete breaks are rare. But it's a lot worse on the new maps, with the upper layer often being extremely hot. And abyssalite's conductivity is not actually zero

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