Lag spike when clicking "copy settings"

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I haven`t played for a few updates due to lack of time so i`m not sure if it`s a new issue. In the current live version when clicking "copy settings", command buttons (dig, sweep, deconstruct) and occasionally the B button (copy last selected building) the game freezes for up to 10 seconds after which it continues normally. This issue doesn`t happen everytime. After one freeze repeated clicking the same button works normally but on a different building will cause the freeze again. Importantly this didn`t happen on a fresh colony but only after i loaded a save (started this branch). It happens on multiple command buttons but seems to be most reliable to recreate using the "copy settings".

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start a new colony with multiple buildings that can have their settings copied (storage bins, smart batteries, planter boxes).
2. Save and load.
3. Start issuing commands like dig, sweep, deconstruct and copy settings on buildings.
4. There should be a lag spike at one point (might be smaller than mine, my pc is pretty old)

User Feedback

Weirdly enough the issue stopped after the wednesday patch. Maybe it fixed something or it could be just my pc acting weird.

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