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Infinite rover is back - rover works when shut down.

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The rover won`t stop working after it runs out of power. It shows it`s shut down but continues to work despite that. Saving and loading fixes that.


I`m pretty sure this bug was reported already and fixed in a previous version of the game but it`s back.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Send a rover to another planetoid and give it a lot of tasks.
2. Check out the rover after a while, when it`s batteries should run out.
3. Rover should be still working.

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User Feedback

On 1/16/2023 at 9:30 PM, AyCe said:

I think it was never officially fixed or acknowledged.

My bad i thought it was fixed at some point. Anyway my rover didn`t shut down properly even when it finished all tasks. It was just sitting idle but when making a new task it moved again.

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