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Incorrect cargo listing for rockets

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My rocket (Selene L) is listing the cargo of my other rocket (Operational Helios XL) when selected in the starmap, see screenshot. The selected rocket has only a trailblazer module, yet the info box shows the content of the gas canister on the second rocket. The other rocket shows also shows its content correctly. Both lists the correct height. This info is also visible for the rocket while at the launch pad. It seems to not be updated, as it now (several cycles later) has not been updated to the current value of the part it originated from.


Steps to Reproduce

Not sure if it happens consistently or what it takes for the rockets cargo to get mixed up like this, will get back with more if I experience it again.

For this particular case:

  • Cargo rocket was the first rocket built (made two missions delivering a rover and construction materials)
  • The selected rocket was built second (different launch pad), but launched first for this two rocket mission.
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Might be related to this one

On a fresh load, the gas canister info was not shown for the rocket without one until after the rocket with the gas canister had been selected once.

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I've been seeing this in my game as well, with both solid and gas modules for rockets (haven't transported any liquids yet). After seeing your observations I looked at it some more and I can always reproduce it like this:

  1. Select a rocket with cargo module(s) installed, either on the starmap or on a planetoid.
  2. Then select any rocket that has no cargo modules. It can have artifact transport modules (that case appears to have been fixed), but it will show the cargo stats of the previous rocket, which as you said will not be updated if that rocket is currently being loaded.

In these two screenshots, you can see that the Ardent Vessel LI first seems to have a partially filled small gas canister, and then an empty small cargo bay, while it has neither:

first screenshotsecond screenshot

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