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  1. Heat transfer to/from conveyored items is also different depending on wether the items are moving or stopped due to the rail being full. When they move, they have a very high heat transfer to tiles overlapping the rail (assuming the off-screen bug is not preventing it). When they are stopped, they only seem to transfer heat to neighboring items on the rail. This last heat transfer seems not to be affected by the off-screen bug mentioned here. I think it is very unexpected for players that the heat transfer depends (that much at least) on wether the items are moving or not.
  2. I often experience slight mouse lag cuasing unintended build actions, seemingly as a result of delayed processing of the mouse button up event, possibly due to game events slowing or halting the simulation. So far the worst case has been during an autosave during pipe construction, resulting in a long diagonal pipe going far off screen, see attached screenshot (I was working on piping the liquid reservoir blueprint in the top left). Since connection of adjacent pipes is instant, it messed up several pipes.
  3. I can now confirm that I also experience that conveyor heat transfer does not behave the same while off-screen. Thus in the current state the conveyor feature is too unpredictable to be of any use if the temperature is not the same for all enteties transported and along the route.
  4. This might explain the troubles I've had building a regolith cooler/salt water destiller. At least the conveyor heat transfer needs some serious attention.
  5. I confirm experiencing the same bug here. Two things needs fixing: 1. Fix the temperature calculations for the refinery output buffer by applying the temperature increase only to the amount of liquid that is transferred from the input to the output buffer, not to the whole output buffer. Then combine the two amounts of liquids like for any other liquid interaction, with a weighted average of the temperatures. 2. Add "output buffer < 50% full" to the set of conditions required for assigning a dupe to work at the refinery (along with raw material present, input buffer coolant present and power available).