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Inconsistencies with errand types related to ranching

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Certain ranching errands have inconsistencies in regard to the type of errand they count as for the purpose of dupe priorities.

For example, delivering eggs to incubators counts as a farming or supplying errand, not a ranching or supplying errand, as shown here:


Additionally, while I am uncertain if this is intended or not, stocking critter feeders only counts as a ranching errand, and is not also counted as a supplying errand, as shown here:


While this can be mitigated to a degree by giving dedicated supplier dupes high ranching priority without giving them the Critter Ranching I skill, it does not feel like intended behavior, as it is inconsistent with other cases of dual errand priority, such as with supply errands to cooking stations or machinery and their associated errand types.

Steps to Reproduce

Have an incubator or a critter feeder in your colony, choose an egg/feed type for them, and be impatient enough to look at the errands tab of the building information to see why the egg/feed hasn't been delivered yet.

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