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Heat appearing out of nowhere near a Steam Turbine / Research Reactor / Conveyor Loader?

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So I've been playing with my first Research Reactor setup and I'm not entirely sure why but it seems I'm getting some unexplained random bits of heating outside of it by a Steam Turbine. I've clocked in 800 hours of the game and watched a number of other people play the game and I'm not exactly sure where this heat is coming from:


That corner of the lead shielding is heating up to 100+C.



The Steam Turbine below that is like 40C with active cooling, the liquid in the pipes isn't that hot and everything is insulated, the Uranium being shipped is like 30C, the water in the Reservoire is also tepid, and the other side of the shielding is also considerably cooler. I even installed an extra bit of cooling pipes above there to keep the temperature more manageable, but I still can't figure out why any of this is happening, unless like the radiation itself is creating heat?

I thought that the conveyor rail was conducting the heat outwards, but when I removed it it the heating still persisted, so I don't think that's related?

My best guess is that either the reactor is dumping heat to the side somehow, or this one particular steam turbine somehow vents its heat upwards? I honestly can't tell!

Steps to Reproduce

- Load save

- Go to the lead tiles to the right of the only Research Reactor on the map

- See that they are heating up despite not having any reason to

User Feedback

Okay, I spent some more time fiddling with it and only now realized that the liquid bridge was apparently conducting a lot of heat there. We really need some kind of insulated version of that....

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there is a problem here :kafası karışmış:

Instead of Igneous rock, you should use ceramics.



You solved your problem, exactly the problem was here. and doing so fixes it.


next time other problems. 


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