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Grubfruit plant priority changing upon reverting to spindly grubfruit as well as vice versa.

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I recently noticed that grubfruit plants will change priority to the priority of the plot they are planted in when they revert to spindly grubfruit plants or when spindly grubfruit plants get upgraded to grubfruit plants.


This is an issue when you want the plot to have low priority so that dupes will not bother with filling the plots with sulfur when you have automated systems in place to take care of that, but want the dupes to always harvest the plant at a higher priority.

Steps to Reproduce

Have a spindly grubfruit plant set to priority 9 and the plot set to 1 and have a grubgrub upgrade the plant and see that it changes priority to 1. Have a grubfruit plant set to 9 and plot set to 1 and have the plant harvested by a dupe and notice that the reverted plant sets its priority to 1.

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