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"Grounded" rocket restriction applies in space

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Even I apply the Grounded setting to my rockets, my dupes will not use the wall toilet or beds even when that rocket launches and is now in space. I need to keep toggling Grounded on when it's on the ground and off when it's not. Oddly enough, it seems like if I have a rocket with the Grounded status and launch it and then save and reload it will apply properly (not sure, need a bit more testing).

Steps to Reproduce

Make a rocket. Mark it as Grounded. Launch it. Note that dupes will not use the facilities when in space.

The Friendly Spacefarers.sav

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Could you attach your save file and let me know which rocket is exhibiting this behaviour? Thanks!

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I can attach a save file, yeah. But really it happens always on every save with every rocket. I'm surprised the bug still exists.

Edit: save attached to OP.

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On 2/13/2024 at 5:56 PM, Knurek said:

Friend I think you need to connect a Starmap Location Sensor to the Rocket Control Station to automatically switch between "none" and "grounded" restriction settings ;)

I don't need to automatically switch though. I just want 'Grounded' status to mean "don't use the rocket facilities when the rocket is on the ground, otherwise you can use them" like it says in the description:


As it is now, dupes will not use the facilities in space if the rocket was set to 'Grounded' when it was on the ground.

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On 2/17/2024 at 12:58 PM, Knurek said:

It says nothing about it being applied only on the ground.

It literally says exactly that: "buildings with their access restricted cannot be operated while grounded".

Even if you wanted to continue arguing this silly point you're trying to make (and please, don't because you're just being annoying at this point) you'd end up contradicting yourself because if you toggle to None and then back to Grounded while the rocket is in space the dupes can then use the facilities.

The issue seems to be that the game isn't properly triggering or clearing the Grounded effects when rockets take off or land. For example, if you toggle a rocket to Grounded while it's on the Ground dupes won't use the facilities once it launches into space either, but if you then toggle it to None and back to Grounded while it's in space they can. Then when the rocket lands, dupes will continue using the facilities despite it still being set as Grounded, so again you need to toggle it to None and then back to Grounded to get the proper effects.

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