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Gases can randomly get trapped in tiles, making the tile lose its properties

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This has happened a few times to me where a solid tile will somehow get a gas trapped within it and the game will then let gas flow through it as if there wasn't a solid tile there. From what I can tell, this bug doesn't happen when the block is first placed, it occurs at some unknown later point. You can also visually see when a block is effected by this, as it will be brighter for unknown reasons.

I took screenshots of 2 of the 3 instances I noticed. The first screenshot shows how the block is brighter (aside just from the mouse hover over it) and that the game thinks there is oxygen in it, and then a materials overlay with gas passing through it. The third screenshot shows a similar story with gases passing through (this time to space), and that apparently light can pass through it in that state as well.

The bugged tile fixes itself if you restart the game, or if you deconstruct then reconstruct the tile.

Note: I was playing this on Linux via Proton, but I highly doubt this is a proton related bug





Steps to Reproduce

Due to the random nature of this (I only noticed this occurring 3 times in about 25 hours of play) and that the bugged state does not carry over if you save and restart the game, I have no idea how to reproduce it. I'll include my save file, taken right after I noticed the problem, despite the fact that it fixes itself on load.

The Transdimensional League.sav

User Feedback

I just got some footage of this happening in my test map (unfortunately I wasn't recording before I noticed it occur). This time instead of a single tile, it happened on a large group of tiles. I think it occurred after I did a "fill" operation


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