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Gas Rocket Port Unloader throughput is affected by games performance

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As the games performance degrades, the Gas Rocket Port Unloaders won't fully load a pipe anymore, producing gaps instead.

First picture: the gaps produced at speed 3 with about 47FPS

Second picture: no gaps at speed 1 and FPS over 60 (just a few seconds later)

Third picture: the gap produced when taking the second screenshot produced a very brief stutter and drop to about 30FPS (still speed 1 with more than 60FPS otherwise)

(FPS is from Steam overlay)

This make the Gas Rocket Port Unloader unpredictable.


Expected results: The Gas Rocket Port Unloader has a constant and predictable throughput that doesn't depend on the games performance.




Steps to Reproduce

1. Degrade games performance enough.

2. Watch as the Gas Rocket Port Unloader produces gaps in its' output pipe.

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User Feedback

What's worse you lose those packets of elements as they are unloaded but aren't piped.  I pay for double H2 and H20 when shipped or use in rockets.

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