Game suddenly crashes after logo

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I have been playing ONI-SO smoothly until yesterday (april 5th). Today instead every time I start the game I get the crash screen after the logo with the info attached below. I run it on a Ubuntu 20.4. Before posting I tried the usual uninstall/install and various system updates, but nothing.


Thanks in advance


Fatal parse error in
(Line: 2, Col: 17, Idx: 69) - (Line: 2, Col: 17, Idx: 69): Mapping values are not allowed in this context.

UnityEngine.Debug:LogErrorFormat(String, Object[])
Debug:LogErrorFormat(String, Object[])
Klei.YamlIO:LogError(Error, Boolean)
Klei.YamlIO:Parse(String, FileHandle, ErrorHandler, List`1)
UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion, Transform)
Util:KInstantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion, GameObject, String, Boolean, Int32)
Util:KInstantiate(GameObject, GameObject, String)


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User Feedback


It looks like one of the mods you have installed is having trouble parsing its mod_info.yaml file. Try removing your downloaded mods and see if that works.

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