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Game crashes with bluescreen

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Evrytime I laumch the game it crshes after a while presenting a windows "bluescreen".

I tried solong all(?) suggested solutions, as there are:

  • Updating Windows 10
  • Updating Nvidia graphics driver
  • disabling MSI Afterburner and Riva Tuner
  • reinstall the game
  • check local file integrity on Steam
  • disabling the "SpacedOut" DLC
  • disabling the german description

But nothing was successfull.The game crashes after a short while playing, approximatly 10-20 minutes. It seems that it crashes when doing a action at the same time the game does an auto-save. When leaving trhe game ideling with pause active or not it runs without problems.

To note: IHave no antivir- or other security software running and Windows Ransomweare capability is disabled.

What can I do next to get the game run?



Steps to Reproduce

Start game and play a while doing several actions

User Feedback

Here are the data for the BSoD shutdown from the Windows Event Viewer:

- System 
  - Provider 
   [ Name]  EventLog 

  - EventID 6008 
   [ Qualifiers]  32768 
   Version 0 
   Level 2 
   Task 0 
   Opcode 0 
   Keywords 0x80000000000000 
  - TimeCreated 
   [ SystemTime]  2022-01-13T21:57:40.8681910Z 
   EventRecordID 78818 
  - Execution 
   [ ProcessID]  0 
   [ ThreadID]  0 
   Channel System 
   Computer Arbeitszimmer 

- EventData 


Binäre Daten:

In Wörtern

0000: 000107E6 000D0004 00320016 00A90038 
0010: 000107E6 000D0004 00320015 00A90038 
0020: 0000003C 0000003C 00000000 00000000 
0030: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 

In Bytes

0000: E6 07 01 00 04 00 0D 00   æ.......
0008: 16 00 32 00 38 00 A9 00   ..2.8.©.
0010: E6 07 01 00 04 00 0D 00   æ.......
0018: 15 00 32 00 38 00 A9 00   ..2.8.©.
0020: 3C 00 00 00 3C 00 00 00   <...<...
0028: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ........
0030: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ........
0038: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ........

I also analyzed the MEMORY.DMP using WinDbg. The result I attached here.


The analyze tells, that this is a hardware problem, but it ONLY happens whe running ONI :-(




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I don't think so.

Using RivaTuner I figured out, that

  • CPU temp is ~50°C and
  • GPU temp is ~ 60°C

during game play

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This weekend I tried a lot of suggestions to solve my problem BUT without any success :-(.

But I guessed that is in relation with the autosave. While my <user>/documents folder is located on my data HDD that is configured as an Raid5. So I tryed to move the savefile location to another disk (via a logical link). This workaround seems to work.

Maybe there is a bug in writing saved games to a HDD raid.

Would be nice to hear more about this.



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Disc checks on the raid have been run without any error. There also is an "Intel" tool running that permanently checks the consistence of the raid since there is an Intel Hardware Raid controller onboard.

All other activities on this HDD work without problems (as mentioned above this is my main data disk). I also did several Drive benchmark tests without any error.

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I've got the exact same problem. Oni has been crashing my computer for the last few weeks, after playing for like an hour. I got an AMD CPU and Nvidia 3070.

This is the only game crashing my computer right now, no CPU/GPU overheating, I updated my drivers to the latest versions, but I can't manage to figure out what's wrong.

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