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Fraction of a seed

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When planting a seed, it shows you have part of a seed. For example, 2.74 Bog Bucket Seeds. I believe this is because my Pacu ate part of a seed, but didn't eat the entire seed. When I plant it, it appears to plant as a full seed.


Steps to Reproduce

Leave plant seeds inside a tank with Pacu. Wait for them to eat some.

User Feedback

The planting of part of a seed and it behaving like a full one has been part of ONI for ages, FYI. Not saying it's not a bug, but it isn't exclusive to the alpha.

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Can confirm that too happened once.

Still Plantable while it is an inaccurate Number.

Seems that the Count Value here is Floating Point maybe an inaccuracy from mathing? It seems to be the same value i had. And yes also happens outside the Alpha but still mention worthy.

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