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Food produced by Microbe Musher is not reported in Daily Reports

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I am not proud of admitting in in public, but I let my dupes eat dirt mush bars. Now for the bug report, according to my screen shot I never produced any kcals. I would have liked to have the value reported so that I can conclude by what margin I am under- or over-producing.

There are crashes etc. in my Player.log file, please disregard.


Steps to Reproduce

Produce any recipe in Microbe Musher (probably wait a while), open "Daily Report" and check numbers under "Calorie Generation".

Expected Value: Non-zero kcal under "Added" Column

Observed Value: 0 kcal
(Similar observation in the graphs drill down.)


Save game sattached

  • Dreamland - Bug Report.sav - all is setup before producing anything, to reproduce
  • Dreamland - Bug Reports Cycle 2.sav - to observe reported values after completion of first cycle

Dreamland - Bug Report.sav

Dreamland - Bug Report Cycle 2.sav

User Feedback

That one is obvious: This thing does not produce "food", but rather more horrible stuff! :grin:

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