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Flooded/Non-Flooded State Inconsistency

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It seems that I'm able to add water to the floor of my ranch without flooding, but when I exit the game and load my save, the buildings then become flooded.  In the first screenshot you can see several buildings that likely should be flooded.




In the second screenshot, the buildings only become flooded after reloading the save.


Mods in use:

  • Mod Updater
  • Bigger Camera Zoom Out
  • Show Building Ranges
  • Suppress Notifications
  • Geyser Calculated Average Output Tooltip
  • Thermal Tooltips

(Note that I was seeing this occur even when just using a single mod, Bigger Camera Zoom Out)

Steps to Reproduce

Based on my save file:

  1. Drain the Sanishell ranch area of all water until all flooded indicators are gone.
  2. Flood the Sanishell ranch area with 450-550kg of water per tile.
  3. Notice buildings are not flooded.
  4. Save the game.
  5. Exit Oxygen Not Included completely.
  6. Launch Oxgen Not Included.
  7. Load the save from step 4.
  8. Notice the area referenced in the first two steps is now showing as flooded.

Flying Home Cycle 640.sav

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User Feedback

It also works the other way around. If a building says it's flooded, it won't refresh to normal even if you remove most of the liquid until you reload the game

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