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Fittings delete liquid

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Running a loop of liquid in a rocket using liquid fitting can occasionally cause liquid mass deletion.

Happens more consistently with debug timewarp


Note the crude oil at 588kg


Then at 568kg

Steps to Reproduce

Fill rocket liquid module.

Create a liquid loop using rocket fittings

Let run for an extended period of time. Alternatively run with debug timewarp.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Here, I had the same issue and was going to make a post, but I'll post it here.  

Water has been being deleted when I send water from a Liquid Cargo Tank through a Liquid Output Fitting into the interior of a Command Module. I've tested this in varying amounts of liquid sent, and packets are being deleted.  This issue seems to be speed dependent: when I ran a test at Slow speed, I received no packet loss.  At Medium speed I still lost water, but not as much as at High speed.  

My setup was that I had a Rocket with (among other things) a Liquid Cargo Tank and a Spacefarer Module.  Liquid Cargo Tank was set to receive Water.  Inside the Spacefarer Module was a Liquid Output Fitting set to output Water which was sent through a pipe to a Liquid Input Fitting (I was trying to make a cooling loop for the Spacefarer Module).  However, when the game is ran at Medium or High speed, significant amounts of water is lost when running this loop such that a full Liquid Cargo Tank would easily be empty within a couple cycles of trying to use this cooling loop. 

While I did have a Liquid Rocket Port Unloader attached to the Rocket Platform, it was set to Polluted Water.  No other rockets that were landed at attached Rocket Platforms had any change in the amount of water stored in their Liquid Cargo Tanks.  

Computer Specs: macOS Big Sur Version 11.4, MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019), Processor 2.4 GHz 8-Core i9, Memory 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Steps To Reproduce:

Here's a copy-pasta of my notepad for when I was writing what I found. 

START: Liquid Cargo Tank: 5791 Water

Sent 3 Packets of Water (30 KG total) through loop.  No Water Lost, after it left the loop the Liquid Cargo Tank had 5791 Water remaining.

Next Test: START LCT: 5791 KG, Ending Water 5671 KG: Loss of 130 KG

Turned on Liquid Output and allowed it to run long enough to fill the entire output loop.  Deactivated Liquid Output a few seconds after the full loop was running and allowed all water to leave the Command Module.  Liquid Cargo Tank now contains 5671 Water: it lost 130 KG of Water.


Next Test: Starting LCT: 5671 KG, ending 4851 KG.

Set up a Liquid Reservoir inside the Command Module.  Deactivated it so that it would accept incoming water but not send it forward to the Liquid Output.  I deactivated the Liquid Output after a while, and after all the water made it through the pipes to the Liquid Reservoir, the Liquid Reservoir contained 2150 KG of Water.  At this time, I checked the Liquid Cargo Tank and it contained 2701 KG of Water.  Total: 4851 KG: a loss of 820 KG.   I then Activated the Liquid Reservoir so that it would output its water pack through the Liquid Input to the Liquid Cargo Tank: after completion, Liquid Cargo Tank contained 4851 KG as expected.


Confirming Test: Starting LCT 4851 KG, ending 3881 KG

Same test as before.  Liquid Reservoir contained 2170 KG of Water after I deactivated the incoming flow.  Liquid Cargo Tank at this time contained 1711 KG of water: leaving the total water between the two containers at 3881 KG.  Loss of 970 KG of Water.   After pumping the water back out of the Reservoir into the Liquid Input the Liquid Cargo Tank contained 3881 KG of water.


Additional Test: Starting 3881 KG

Activated Liquid Output and watched the Liquid Cargo Tank contents, looking to send 200 KG of water into the Command Module.  As I watched the Contents total, it seemed to skip occasionally, quickly losing 10 KG twice in the time it normally loses 10 KG.  Deactivated Liquid Output after the Liquid Cargo Tank reached 3671 KG; total sent 210 KG.  Total received in the Liquid Reservoir was 140 KG: loss of 70 KG.


Slow Speed Test: No Water Loss, LCT: Starting 3811 KG.  No Loss

Turned Game Speed to Slow Speed.  Water Liquid Cargo Tank contents and turned off flow once it had send 300 KG of water into the Command Module.  All 300 KG of water was accounted for: no loss of water.  Did not see any skipping.


Medium Speed Test: Starting LCT 3811 KG.  Sent water through system until LCT read that it had lost 400 KG of water.  After recovering water from LR, LCT contained 3781 KG of water; loss of 30 KG.


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Having the same issue here. Seems quite gamebreaking to me, since it can not only completely disable some of the utility builds, but it also affects completely mundane things like oxygen

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