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  1. Does it rotting faster than 4 or 8 cycles (varies by food, 32 for pickled meal) when not in polluted oxygen? Keep in mind fridges and sterile atmosphere aren't enough for permanent food storage, you need sterile atmosphere and -18c temps to completely prevent rotting.
  2. Geysers just straight up don't exchange heat. They've always been like that. Sometime during working on the DLC they changed them from being 99c to -174c.
  3. The circle in the cycle/timer sensor doesn't change colors for colorblind mode
  4. in my experience you don't need mixed liquids to do this. Just fill the refinery. Have supply of the liquid available (via pipe) Queue another job Once the refinery believes that the job is going to be preformed it starts loading up more coolant.
  5. With the fix to steam, making it the proper molar mass (h2(1.008*2)+o(15.999) = ~18.015), it becomes plainly obvious the oxygen in the game isn't molecular oxygen (15.999*2=~31.998) but rather atomic oxygen (15.999)
  6. Starvation ranching of sweetles can net more than 1 egg
  7. When you looks at the reserved stat for a resource, it only tells you how much is reserved up to how much you already have. It doesn't tell you how much more you need to aquire to satisfy demand.
  8. Known issue, they tried fixing it recently and it really broke stuff so they had to revert it. Something about multiplying really small numbers. You can use the new conveyor meter, set to 1kg, and put an automation line from its output to its input. Will act like a valve and let 1kg/s through, which you can just assume to be cool enough rather than needing to measure it's temperature. Alternatively you can bring it back over to the sweepers range and drop it back out if it hasn't cooled enough by the time it reaches the conveyor temp sensor
  9. Is the seed available? I find if it's on a rocket it doesn't like to plant
  10. The meter reset inconsistently when controlled by automation, occasionally allowing an extra packet to pass
  11. There's been known bugs with doors not transferring heat. You should check if it's the iron or if it's the door. Is there a reason you included pictures of an anti entropy thermo-nullifier?
  12. The during placement the payload opener displays the wrong locations for the gas and conveyor ports (both conveyor and gas pipe, plus liquid output, displayed as bottom center, only liquid output is actually bottom center once built)
  13. You can't make an atmosuit out of cobalt. Considering you can make them out of the other starting metals, this seems inconsistent.
  14. As the others have said, the cable limit is 1kw. The transformer uses 1kw. That alone maxes out the cable. You also have a 10w light bulb which pushes it over the limit and overloads it. Remove the lightbulb and it'll stop overloading.
  15. When a dupe builds a rocket platform where they are standing, they get entombed.