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Extended playtime will eventually stop continuously stressed out dupes from doing their stress reactions

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Playing the game for a couple of hours and stressing out a dupe for also a couple of hours will eventually stop them from doing their stress reactions. I posted a bug report of this months ago but it doesn't have video evidence. Now there is proof that dupes eventually get used to their miserable lives and just chill and enjoy despite the circumstances.

Edit: This is a normal survival run. Stress reactions are enabled.


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Push a dupe to the breaking point and keep the stress as high as possible for a few hours.

2 - Eventually the dupe will stop freaking out at 100% stress, as if they're used to the fact that they have truly miserable lives.

3 - I can use this bug to keep them working forever, only feeding them when they're starving. No sleep, no time to pee, no leisure, breaks or vacations. Their schedule is nothing but work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 10 years a decade, 10 decades a century, 10 centuries a millenia... forever...

4 - The bug completely disappears when reloading the save file. But I can just repeat step 1 again and wait until it occurs.

Irnuhicoraank 1.sav

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User Feedback

I'm not 100% sure but feel like this will be easier to trigger if I interrupt their "Antsy" status by letting them moveing and successfully letting their status reduced to 60%.

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