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Epic Games Store does not launch Spaced Out! in offline mode

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The Epic Games Store client, when operated in Offline Mode, appears only capable of launching the base Oxygen Not Included game, but not the Spaced Out! expansion. The issue does not persist when connectivity is restored, with SO! becoming available immediately on returning to Online Mode without any updates or cloud synchronization. The game does not provide any errors, instead launching directly into the vanilla game. The Spaced Out! toggle button is not present on the main menu screen whatsoever when this bug occurs. The issue persists when manually launching ONI from the executable. When his behaviour occurs, attempts to load Spaced Out! colonies are met with an error indicating that SO! is not installed.

The issue appears only to be triggered by the offline mode itself. In instances were connectivity is lost but the EGS client does not switch modes, SO! launches normally. The EGS client appears to be able to transition to offline mode without affecting the DLC, so long as ONI/SO! is launched before offline mode is activated.

The following relevant log file entry was found:
[23:35:06.971] [1] [INFO] [EPIC] InitializeLocalUser EPIC id REDACTED, name REDACTED
[23:35:06.972] [1] [INFO] [EPIC] Attempting Login type ExchangeCode with user id REDACTED, Token []
[23:35:06.981] [1] [INFO] [EPIC]Invalid parameter EOS_Auth_Credentials.Token reason: must not be null or empty
[23:35:07.118] [1] [INFO] [EPIC] Login result InvalidParameters
[23:35:07.118] [1] [INFO] [EPIC] Failed to login, unable to check DLC ownership
[23:35:07.146] [1] [INFO] DistributionPlatform initialized.
[23:35:07.149] [1] [INFO] release Build: U39-490405-V
[23:35:07.149] [1] [INFO] EXPANSION1 installed: FalseĀ  active: False
[23:35:08.154] [1] [INFO] Expansion1: False

Which suggests that the EGS does not properly handle Spaced Out!'s DRM when in offline mode.

Steps to Reproduce

Launch the Epic Game's Store client while offline, or otherwise trigger offline mode

Launch Oxygen Not Included, with Spaced Out! installed

ONI should launch into vanilla mode only, and no method of accessing SO! content will be available

User Feedback

Hey Klei, I was hoping to get some insight as to whether this represents a bug, a limitation of the EGS, or if it's a "working as intended" feature of the Spaced Out! DRM.

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I have the same concern. I cannot access my "Spaced Out!" game without Internet. Is there any way to fix that or is there at least hope of a fix coming along?

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