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Duplicants sometimes delivering and using more than necessary materials to build an object thus deleting the extra materials.

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I've sometimes had duplicants deliver extra materials when building a new building / tile / pipe / wire / etc, and when they do so the extra materials delivered don't drop to the ground they are just deleted by whatever is built since it only requires a certain amount of materials. This is very problematic when working with materials that are harder to get. I'm guessing it has to do with the game sometimes not considering 200 kg of materials for a tile (example) enough because a few mcg is missing so they over deliver.


Note deconstructing the thing building won't return the extra materials, only however much was required to make it.

Steps to Reproduce

Have duplicants build items with materials that are apparently missing a few mcg of necessary material and notice that they will sometimes over deliver materials and then once the building is finished no excess materials are returned and are instead consumed by the building.

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