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Dupes will not select a (secondary) bed when teleporting to another cluster asteroid

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When a dupe is already assigned to a bed on the main colony and is then sent to another planet.

He will keep his original bed assignment (which is fine). But the problem starts, when he builds another bed on the second asteroid, which will not be automatically assigned. And he will also erase his original bed assignment on the main asteroid, when trying to assign the second bed manually. Goldilocks does not approve!

Bed assignments (and other assignments most likely as well should be per-asteroid.



Reasoning: Many players will play from one main colony (at first). So when expanding to another planet, they either frequently return with their dupes or create a secondary base on the second planet. In this scenario, the game should be able to handle bed assignments with automatic assignments. remembering 1 assignment per dupe, per bed, per asteroid.

As soon as a player decides that a dupe is permanently stationed somewhere, then he can remove the bed assignments on the other planets. This will be a concious, advanced decision by the player and will not be broken by the game unless the dupe returns to the homeworld for some reason. In which case the player needs to reassess the situation anyway.

* bed can of course be replaced with: mask, dining-table, etc.

Steps to Reproduce

1. have a bed

2. travel through space and time

3. build another bed

4. get tired

5. hurt your back

6. goldilocks does not approve

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User Feedback

Also, a wife in every port! No seriously, I wanted to suggest the same, but not in that many words ;)

It gets annoying having to reassign your explorer dupe all the time, so it would be a nice low prio QoL improvement indeed.

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This is still not fixed, although patch 442196 claimed to address it:


Duplicants travelling between worlds have their building assignments properly cleared


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