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Dupes ignoring AtmoSuit Checkpoint

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Dupes are ignoring AtmoSuit checkpoints. entering areas where they can be scalded, high pressure areas that cause ears drums to pop.

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I met with this bug lots of times, since the Fast Friends update, but i dind't find it a very big problem until now. I picked a dupe which farting and it leaved natural gas in some of the vacumed area...


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Same problem, 3 times this day.

Seems to be a probleme since monthes ....

i found this thread that is exact : (please correct this !)


Dupe will run out w/o atmo suit when:

  • Standing right at checkpoint.

  • Atmo suit dock next to it is filling oxygen into atmo suit even when another dock has fulled fuel atmo suit, if this happen, they will standing there few seconds before skip checkpoint and run out.

  • All atmo suit is fully fuel, but current has no errand. After that, if they add errand, they will skip checkpoint and run out.

You can easily reproduce this bug, doesn't have anything relate with lag, i did the test at cycle 1 colony.


Edit , the way cause this is a bit stupid, but it will happen, 100% happen.

  • As you may know, dig errand can be taken over by another dupe who nearby. By the chance the dupe who picking up atmo suit has current errand is dig, and another dupe just take over that dig errand, then he/she will be cancel the dig errand also cancel the animation picking up atmo suit. Problem come up here, that dupe after being canceled errand has location right at checkpoint -> he/she will ignore checkpoint and run out for new errand w/o atmo suit.



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Just lost three dupes to this today. Only exit from the main base is via the checkpoint, but they all ended up in the oil biome.

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