dupe stuck Atmo Suit Checkpoint.

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

when a dupe has a navigation directive point passed an atmos suit docking. remove the suits from all docks and it will try to keep putting on the atmos suit even though there is none available.

can't redirect the dupe with move either

wont sleep, eat or goto the bathroom either. they won't even pee

they will die there unless you either, deconstruct the tile they stand on, disable checkpoint, deconstruct checkpoint. or restart the game.

since it's a navigational issue i assume the same will happen with the jetpacks and masks. haven't checked that out though

Steps to Reproduce

have a suit checkpoint with suits.

direct a dupe past the checkpoint.

remove all suits from the docks.

have fun watching the dupe trying to put on an suit.

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