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Disappearing rovers

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I am having a recurring bug that is new for me.  I started a new game after the Unexplained Traits update.  I have now sent several interplanetary payloads to the fire planet and sent 2 rovers there to unpack.  Multiple times I start them unpacking payloads sitting on top of an obsidian shelf far outside the magma.  They unpack a few and then just disappear.  I can be sitting and watching them and they go from unpacking and just are gone.  No body - nothing.  This is when they still have 90%+ charge.  They aren't walking off the edge - they just disappear.  This shelf is sitting in space and it is almost like they disappear into the background of space like liquids/solids - but not immediately.

I have tried this a few times and it keeps happening.  Rebooted/reloaded a few times - same issue.

I have a save game focused on this planet right before they disappear, if that would help.



Steps to Reproduce

Send payloads to fire planet.  Send rovers.  Rovers disappear shortly afterward.

User Feedback

They just melt, because the obsidian platform is 1175 C hot, and the rovers are made of gold amalgam which has a melting point of 1063.9 C

You can see the liquid gold for a few moment, before it disappear to space





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