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  1. Just wanted to see if this was just me. I have a rocket with the drill cone. It is full of diamond for the drill bits. I fly to the asteroid but it never initiates drilling. Is the drilling stored in the drill cone or do I have to have a solid/liquid/gas storage unit on the rocket to get it to work? I like this expansion that has harvestable resources if you burn through whichever one and can't make more.
  2. I have experienced this as well. Dupe got stressed and beat up the inside of the rocket and gas leaked out forever. There was no way to repair the wall, you can't deconstruct the wall and can't build outside of the rocket. I couldn't build a tile inside the rocket as it was the door and there was minimal space inside for that. Only fix was completely deconstructing the dupe module and rebuilding it.
  3. I can absolutely verify this as well. Every previous version this worked fine until this update. So far this is the only significant bug for me that was introduced this update. As mentioned in another post, there is a workaround by building the heavy watt cable above the solar panel and the down connection first and after cable is complete THEN build the solar panel on top of it, but that is clearly not how the game was meant to be. Thank you.