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Deodorizer can't be built on Heavy gauge wiring, but you can place building on empty spot and upgrade regular wiring or place heavy wire afterwards.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Forewarning: I'm not sure which part exactly is the bug, the tooltip says the heavy wire can't be ran through wall and floor tires and doesn't mention the deodorizer. Also, I'm playing modded ONI. 

Issue: Deodorizer can't be built on heavy version of wiring


Issue: Standard wiring can be upgraded to heavy wire behind Deodorizer despite building restrictions not allowing it. Or you can just add heavy wire after building.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Deodorizer doesn't allow placement over heavy wires, so place one right next to the wire. 1ygDlbB.png

2. Connect to it using standard wiring. TfB5fms.png

Or just drag heavy wiring over the deodorizer. PLuv19D.png

3. Drag heavy wiring over standard wiring to upgrade. 91aZi0J.png

User Feedback

Deodorizers seem to work fine for me. Are you sure there is nothing else obstructing the build of a deodorizer there? (eg. a wilted pincha pepper plant hanging from above) Otherwise are you sure a mod doesn't interfere with building it on top of heavi-wat wires?

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