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Critter Feeders not saving filters

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The critter feeders are seriously bugged right now, I'm a little surprised there isn't already a bug report for this. The feeders seem to randomly change the filters, or just straight up not save selected filters. Sometimes clicking on a checkbox next to a filter option won't do anything, and I have to click repeatedly before it will select. Sometimes random filter options I've never ever selected will be selected instead of the filters I set previously.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Click on critter feeder.

2. Try to select filter

3. It either works or it doesn't.

4. Come back to find hungry critters, and see that the filter options have changed without any input.

User Feedback

I'm not sure if this is what you experiencing but here is a potential explanation.

The critter feeder filters resources. If that resource can be selected for multiple critters, it will be selected. If the last thing you do is deselect the resource for other critters, the resource will be deselected for every critter.

For example:

Selecting sedimentary rock for stone hatches


Sedimentary rock is not selected:

Sedimentary rock is selected for Stone hatches only:

Closing and opening the feeder again Sedimentary rock is now selected for every critter that it can be selected (stone hatch, stone hatchling, hatch, hatchling):

Unchecking Sedimentary rock for one of these critters, unchecks that resource for every critter


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