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Crash to desktop

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After days of smooth playing, my game has started crashing to the desktop randomly. I have removed mods (pliers 2021), uninstalled the game, deleted all Klei folders, cleared the steam download cache and reinstalled the game. The crash can happen within 5 minutes or 30 minutes. I think it might be connected to using the rock crusher but that might be a coincidence.

Steps to Reproduce

Start my save file

Let it run

eventually it will crash

Redshirt Rejects Dec24.sav

User Feedback

Same, I actually came to the forums to find out if anyone else was having this issue. I'm getting hard crashes consistently after about 20 minutes of play. I don't have any mods, everything is up to date and my computer specs are not an issue. it's almost unplayable at this point for me which is sad since I play it almost every day

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Update: This turns out to be a problem with my computer. I've narrowed it down to something on the motherboard or CPU. The problem expanded to other games and programs to the point I had to switch to another computer. The game and my save file run fine on my new computer. 



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