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  1. I've encountered a strange bug with the Algae diffusers. They require 7.6MG of Algae and even auto sweepers with more than enough algae beside it won't deliver. I have to deconstruct and then reconstruct in order to get it working. I've also encountered the same bug with Oxylite delivering to the solid fuel thrusters and solid oxidizer tanks. It's always the same amount every time. 7.6MG.
  2. Used bridges and had the same effect. attached picture of an expanded view of the current problem. Didn't have this issue on this playthrough until the recent change to the pipes.
  3. It seems that Empty pipes will block the flow of new material. Specifically, I'm having this problem with cleaned water from the Desalinator at the moment but have had issues with it with the water sieve. included two pictures. I've tried deconstructing and rebuilding to no avail. sometimes if I empty a pipe after the point of the issue it will clear but not always.
  4. I finally finished the Solid Fuel Thruster Research and as soon as I went to implement that change it crashed. So I loaded it up and a few seconds after I unpause it crashes and has me submit a crash report. It doesn't matter what I do, even doing nothing, It just crashes. I also can't find the Output log in the Oxygennotincluded_data folder? So I've uploaded the Save File. Don't really want to start over. The Spacefaring Colony Cycle 633.sav