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Crash reporter crashes?

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I have now had several "silent" complete ONI crashes. I let it run overnight and the next morning, it is just no there. Usually, there is nothing in the log. This time I have log entries running it by itself during the day:

[13:08:00.855] [1141] [INFO] Save_file: H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\SimDLL_CRASH_release_490405_20211220-14.08.00.sav
[13:08:01.828] [1141] [INFO] Reporting error.

[13:08:01.828] [1141] [INFO] SimDLL Crash Dump
[13:08:01.828] [1141] [INFO] 
[13:08:01.840] [1141] [INFO] Submitting crash:

However, no pop-up, no question, ONI just does not run anymore a few hours later (I was out giving a lecture until 16:00 or so). Incidentally, there is no file named "SimDLL_CRASH_release_490405_20211220-14.08.00.sav". There is a file named "SimDLL_CRASH_release_490405_20211220-14.08.00.dmp", which has the right timestamp.

As to frequency: This seems to happen after running 3...5h by itself.

Steps to Reproduce

Let it run.

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User Feedback

Just happened again. I do have regular crashes as well.

Not terribly urgent, but it may mask other problems because some crashes will not get to you.

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