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Cracked seeds are not stored in feeder if they are not yet discovered

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Seeds stored in the fish feeder that get "cracked" by pacu, are not selected as "food" on the feeder. Because of that, after reloading a save file, any cracked seeds end up on the floor but they are still in the feeder too, the exact same amount of them. pacu test2 c10.sav


Also sometimes pacu eat that seed from the floor but the seed is not yet there..

Steps to Reproduce

On a new map, fill a fish feeder with seeds while there are no cracked seeds yet. Pacu crack and eat the seeds. Reloading the game drops any cracked seeds from the feeder while the cracked seeds are still in the feeder.

User Feedback

Changed Status to Closed

The concept of 'cracked seeds' will be removed in the next hotfix. I've tested your save and the fractional seeds stay in the feeder on load. Please open a new report for further bugs. Thanks for the report!

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35 minutes ago, k_nicole said:

the fractional seeds stay in the feeder on load.

So just to be clear, there were no seeds on the floor when you loaded the save file? Because what I'm seeing is pacu cracking seeds and these seeds end up both on the floor and in the feeder on the next load of the save.

save 1: pacu test2 c1_.sav

First pacu eats from feeder. On load the seed is on the floor. Second feeder is about to get loaded and second pacu will eat from the second feeder part of the seed.

save 2: pacu test2 c1_2.sav (saving right after the second pacu ate from the feeder)

Second pacu ate from the feeder. On load cracked seeds are on the floor but also in the feeder.

I'm sorry.. I thought the "second" bug was the same bug: the seed being dropped by the feeder but maybe invisible until reload?

If cracked seeds caused the problem and they will not be there anymore soonish, I guess I'll wait a while until I look closely at how pacu are behaving again.

Thank you for your time :)

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